Tuesday, September 21, 2010


ANNOUNCEMENT: The competition, including James Bow, who entered late, was so strong that it was impossible to determine which was the best.  I have a mild preference for one because it is so clear and honest, another for its concise precision, another because it's more on the button and no nonsense (though I wonder if the Devil is really like that...) and so on.   And so I have to say that you each will be winning a book.  Only one book per entrant, I'm sorry to say, except for the Grand Prize Winner which was submitted by Quenby Joanette for her prodigious efforts at a time when she was really far too busy to do this thing at all.  Congratulations to all the entrants!.

Would all entrants please go to www.booksbywelwyn.ca and choose a (paperback) book except for Quenby Joanette who may choose two paperbacks.  Then could you please email me at


with your full name, address, and book/books of your choice, and whether you want them autographed, and if so, to whom. 

Since I was forced (due to my judges being so busy) to be the sole judge of this contest, I feel I have to give you an example of what I would have said, so that you will see I was not biased by my own point of view:

"I am the father of lies, so ignore all advice I would offer you and follow your own instincts in writing true fiction."  118 characters.

<wide grin>

see you soon, and Happy Equinox!


At 22 September, 2010 , Blogger Unknown said...

Fantabulous (extra awesome) job, everyone! How wonderful is it that we get autographed copies of Welwyn's books?! I'm currently a giddy-machine. What a great contest. It's much easier to be long-winded than to be concise. This was both a creative and productive exercise. Thanks for hosting it, Welwyn.

At 24 September, 2010 , Blogger Welwyn-on-books said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 24 September, 2010 , Blogger Welwyn-on-books said...

Everyone did great work! I'm very impressed.

Have a happy day :)

See you soon,

Welwyn on books

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