Sunday, October 24, 2010

We are maybe but almost certainly oh I hope so buying a house!

I live in a place in London, Ontario we call the Old South.  Originally, it went as far south as maybe six streets south of the Thames River, where two branches meet. The best street in the olden days was just full of mansions, and it was called Grand Ave.  A long time ago, when I was teaching math at South Secondary School (in the Old South) I lived in an apartment on Grand Ave.  It was a bit down at the heel, but the trees were huge and beautiful, and the street wide, full of character.  Well, then I married and moved to various apartments in different parts of the city, and finally my husband and I bought a house on Windsor Ave (in the Old South) where my daughter Meredith was brought into the world.  Times changed... lives changed... I had to leave.  Many year later, I left London altogether, and moved to Kitchener for four or five years, and then Toronto for four or five years, and finally to a small house in a small village in the Laurentians of Quebec.  I have rarely been so out of my element as I was there.  We moved back to Ontario and, somehow, to London.  Greg had never lived in London, and he thought the idea of us having an "Old South" was funny.  So we took one day, and looked at two apartment buildings in the Old South, and Greg fell in love with one of the apartments.  I'm writing this in that apartment building.  But next week, ooooohhhhh, I'm so excited, next week if we get the financing and if the house passes a building inspection, we are moving into our very own bungalow in the Old South.

Picture mint juleps (ips?) and two nice rockers on a front porch that spreads all the way across the front of the house, with leaded glass windows, a nice big tree (maple, I think -- the leaves have all dropped here now) and a big stone house with a centre hall plan and -- are you ready -- brick on brick on brick!!!  It is so old, it has been renovated twice, once towards the back yard, and once into the front yard.  Each time, it got bigger and it had a new layer of bricks added.  It has fluted columns of stone holding up the roof over the verandah, and a HUGE kitchen which I love, and a HUGE living room that isn't all long and skinny, like the one we have here, and a formal dining room, and four bedrooms, and two bathrooms, exactly twice what we have here in both.  So, keep your fingers cross for us, will you?  Send wishes for good our way.  I should know by Wednesday, I hope, but we have till the following Tuesday if something takes longer than we expected.  I love this house. 

And the best thing is, the front verandah is right across the street from the door that I used to take my little girl to Montessori classes every day until the end of Grade Three.  I think there will be a few tears in those julips if I do get to drink them there.  I miss my Meredith so much.  She's so far away. (Victoria).

Hugs to you all!



At 24 October, 2010 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. That's some bungalow! I wish you well. It sounds lovely. Deb

At 24 October, 2010 , Blogger Karen Elizabeth Brown said...

It sounds like you'll have some room to stretch your legs out and relax. The veranda sounds lovely! I hope you get it!

At 25 October, 2010 , Blogger Retta said...

It sounds absolutely lovely! I can visualize the rockers on the front veranda, sitting and sipping those mint juleps. I do so hope you get it!

At 25 October, 2010 , Blogger Jessica Subject said...

Welwyn, I love your description of this new house. I do hope you are able to get it. I'm sure you will enjoy it. I'm going to have to travel your way soon to do some of my own research for my WIPs, since they take place there. Have to look up school names today. Take care!

At 25 October, 2010 , Blogger M Pax said...

I envy your getting to settle down. Wish we were there. Sounds like a wonderful bungalow. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

I've been to Kitchener. I believe a family we were friendly with lived there. We would visit back and forth from time to time. I was just a kid, so maybe I remember wrong. But it was a suburb of Toronto. Now I guess I need a passport to go.

At 25 October, 2010 , Anonymous Welwyn said...

Thanks so much Mary. I wish you all were here with me to celebrate. Any time you'd like to come, you would be welcome in our home. Spare room for visitors, even your own bathroom!

Yes, you'd need a passport to come. Kitchener: I lived there on my sojourn back to where I was born. A good place.

At 25 October, 2010 , Anonymous Welwyn's World said...

Jessica, I hope you will come and visit us whenever you're doing your research. It will be so nice to natter. I don't do enough of it, and then I more than make up for it online! If you need or want to stay overnight we'll find a bed for you wherever we are living. You are always welcome.


At 25 October, 2010 , Anonymous Welwyn said...

Deb, it is lovely, though probably my eye-glasses had glowing pink hearts on them when we walked through. You are welcome to stay with us any time you want to come.


At 25 October, 2010 , Anonymous Welwyn said...


It's the relaxing part I'm looking forward to. The mint juleps I've never had the pleasure of drinking!
You are always welcome here. It would make me happy to have friends come to visit, and I do think of you all as friends, you know.

At 25 October, 2010 , Anonymous Welwyn said...

Come and visit me, Retta! I want you and Deb and Karen and Jessica and Mary all to come. I never get visitors, or very rarely. Wouldn't it be fun if we all could have a party here?

At 25 October, 2010 , Blogger Unknown said...

As everyone else has said; it sounds lovely. Owning my own house is so far away I can't even fathom it, so I'll live vicariously through you, Welwyn. :) I'm sending all my good vibes your way. I also love verandas, so I'm really digging this house.

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