Friday, February 25, 2011

And yet again

Hi, everyone,

I just checked the blog for the first time since you all were so kind, leaving me your messages.  I want to thank you so much for that.

It is really nice to know you are all out there, doing what you do, and yet willing to take time to send me good wishes.

I have been in a lot of pain in the last while. Usually, I can get out of it by reading something wonderful.  There's a book I've owned for at least thirty years and never actually read, but I have now.  It's called "The Owl Service" by Alan Garner, and it's about the power of the past and the power of personal choice in the present.  Welsh valley like a mythological power vacuum, characters really in need of saving, and incredible suspense.  I think you might like it.

This is a picture I thought I'd share with you, from our wedding in Victoria several years ago.  Greg wrote a song about it later -- it's quite hilarious.  Victoria, for those who don't know, is usually the balmiest part of Canada in winter.  Greg and I flew in to Victoria in a blizzard, couldn't even rent a car with tires that had any treads, and the roads were so bad we got stuck in our bed and breakfast watching endless reruns of CSI Miami instead of spending time with our daughters.  Ah, romance.  But as you can see, it all worked out in the end...

Meanwhile, hope you're all well and happy, and that you are all doing the kind of writing and illustrating you like the best.